Newport Beach Stucco believes in building lasting relationships with local contractors and home builders, keeping our ties to the community we work in strong. Our goal is to more that meet manufacturing specifications, it is to exceed standards and ensure our clients Stucco work is long lasting, protecting their investment. Our firm commitment to adhere to professional  installation and repair techniques gives us the edge over all other overnight Stucco companies in the area. We are not just your partner during stucco restoration and installation, we commit to follow up with you, year after year, ensuring your stucco siding is in tip-top shape. 

Newport Beach Stucco Contractors keeps Newport Beach Beautiful!

While Stucco Siding is used throughout the United States, a greater percentage of homes in the Southwest use Stucco as a whole house siding application. Stucco is versatile and very attractive, and when properly maintained, extremely economical. Newport Beach Stucco Contractors is the leading Stucco company for local homeowners and businesses. Our consistently excellent Stucco services add value and integrity to homes throughout Orange County.

What is Stucco Siding?

Stucco is a finishing and protecting material used on the interior and exterior of walls. When properly sealed, it provides a long lasting siding solution, much like armor. Made from a cement base, Stucco is easily customized using different color combinations or application techniques. Using Newport Beach Stucco Contractors ensures that all your Stucco work is done correctly the first time

All Stucco is applied using one of two methods:

Hand troweling – Requires years of training to develop professional results.
Spray Application – Using a spray gun, creating a less detailed finish.

Depending on the scope of your stucco project, and your finishing specifications, our stucco teams are pleased to suggest appropriate applications methods based on your final stucco goals. Our pledge to our clients is to meet or exceed all A.S.T.M. standards for every project Newport Beach Stucco completes.

What does the Stucco Process entail?

Every project scope is different, but all proper Stucco work follows this similar set of steps:

Trenching of your slab foundation – Depending on the scope, this may be extensive.
Protection of all exterior surfaces –  Plants and any vulnerable trim work will be adequately protected.
Deep Cleaning of existing siding – Using water or sand, our teams carefully prepare surfaces for application.
Complete Surface Preparation – Existing Stucco must be repaired correctly for new application to retain protective values.
New Stucco Siding Application – Clients New Stucco is applied by either hand or spray.
Sealing and Painting of New Stucco – Waterproofing, sealing and painting are done to clients specifications.

Newport Beach Stucco commits to a long lasting partnership with our clients, keeping local homes and businesses looking their best. Call Newport Beach Stucco Contractors today and allow our knowledgeable staff to provide you with information you need to take steps to update your current Stucco.

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