Stucco siding ages with time and exposure to the elements, just like all other exterior siding solutions. Certain factors in the environment can speed up Stucco deterioration and contribute to Stucco demise. Your home’s best defense is properly installed siding. 
When Stucco is use, it must be applied and sealed properly to maintain it’s protective properties. We encourage our many local clients to participate in our extensive maintenance plans, ensuring that your home’s stucco siding’s integrity is not compromised, adding value to your home.
We often receive SOS calls from clients in dire straits, often once tell-tale Stucco Failure has occurred. Appraising Stucco Repair once damage has become extensive can have a high price tag. Often, we are able to work with our clients to take steps to stop any continuing Stucco demise, and make plans to restore existing stucco. But occasionally, our clients are faced with the reality that the only appropriate solution is costly Stucco Replacement.
 When this happens, we first seek to address environmental factors that contribute to the Stucco damage. These issues must be resolved before any stucco work can commence. Stucco Siding left exposed to sprinklers and other water drainage often loses it’s sealant over time, become porous. This can bring with it a myriad of problems.
Stucco Siding that was not installed on properly prepared surfaces, or sealed correctly once fully cured, will absorb water and start to deteriorate. Often, we receive calls from clients once they notice physical symptoms of Stucco decay, such as peeling paint or growing fissures. This can require extensive restoration and often indicates the presence of mold or other biological elements.


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We cannot stress enough the importance of contacting Newport Beach Stucco Contractors to schedule regular inspections.

We commit to help keeping your Newport Beach property a beautiful part of the city.

Our Stucco contractors often site two main factors that contribute to Stucco demise; sealant deterioration and chronic water exposure. Unfortunately, water issues can exist without much evidence, and cause unseen damage to your stucco siding. Often these moisture issues could have been resolved, preventing costly damage that might have been avoided. Sometimes these issues are easy to address, requiring homeowners to take simple steps to reroute water by cleaning home’s gutter system or redirecting downspouts and sprinklers away from your home’s foundation. We have partnered with one of the leading gutter companies in Orange County to provide experienced professionals for these jobs.
In this time of extreme drought, we are also actively advising our clients to remove water thirsty plants growing against your home, which helps tremendously in halting water damage. Our company policy is to educate our Newport Beach Stucco clients, advising on the best Stucco Siding practices available to you. We allow and encourage you to make decisions that benefit your home’s longevity.

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