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Welcome to Newport Beach Stucco Contractors, home of the Best Stucco Services in Southern California. Our long list of very satisfied clients in Newport Beach is more than just impressive, it supports our commitment to our customers first! We believe that all Stucco Repairs and Restoration jobs should be handled by an expert, no matter the size or scope.
We believe that we will completely exceed your expectations and we count on your many Stucco referrals to keep our business booming! Newport Beach Stucco is here to serve you and keep your commercial or residential property looking ship shape!
At Newport Beach Stucco Contractors, it is our belief that our clients should get what they pay for, and quality Stucco Siding should be no exception to this rule. Choosing inexpensive, fast-fix contractors to do your stucco work will likely result in lackluster results. And ironically, fixing poor stucco work usually lends itself to costly remediation work later on when Stucco Siding fails.

We urge Newport Beach residents to protect their property and leave the stucco work to the professionals. 

We employ only skilled Stucco craftsmen. Not plumbers or roofers looking to add a little extra to their bank account. No, Newport Beach Stucco Contractors are just that; Stucco experts. Highly trained with years of job experience, developing into mentors and teachers themselves, often passing the trade on to the next generation with pride.
We know how important your building’s exterior Stucco work is and we consider every job a work of art. Newport Beach Stucco Contractors work to exceed client expectation every time.

We never take shortcuts. 

Professional Stucco results do not happen by accident. Stucco Installation is very labor intensive and requires proper experience to last the test of time. Using correct stucco techniques begins with surface preparation, inspection of property for factors contributing to stucco decay and proper installation.
 Stucco siding, when properly applied and maintained, is a very cost effective and attractive solution for protecting the exterior of your home or business. Properly maintained, a good Stucco application will last for years, paying for itself as the years go by. We maintain contact with our existing clients and encourage regular stucco inspections, allowing problem areas to be dealt with before they affect the integrity of your exterior.
Our many projects and clients include medical centers, collage campus buildings, residential and corporate office parks. Taking on jobs of all sizes and scopes, our clients always receive the finest in stucco application and sealing available to them. We work proactively with our many clients, preventing the need for extensive and costly repairs and restoration.

Newport Beach Stucco Contractors stands by every job we perform.

Newport Beach Stucco Contractors specializes in Fireproofing for office buildings and complexes. Our company is widely considered to be the Top Provider of all Stucco related Services throughout Newport Beach and Orange County. We are immensely proud of our highly skilled contractors, always putting clients first, arriving equipped to handle any Stucco job.

We are your Professional Stucco Services Company. 

Contact Newport Beach Stucco today and find out more about our Stucco Repair and Restoration process from our competent staff. We will come to you, and walk you through the inspection and evaluation process, answering any questions or concerns you may have.
At Newport Beach Stucco Contractors, we believe that education is the key to knowledge. It is our primary goal to teach our clients about the complete Stucco Process, before the work begins. We cover each stage and explain the timeline form start to finish, ensuring that each and every client knows what to expect.
We also stand by our policy that our client is always right. You are in charge, and will make the difficult decisions. We are here to help you understand what those decisions will entail. We commit to never push or pressure our customers, only arm you with knowledge. You are paying for a quality service and should expect quality time from us.

We always partner with our clients, seeking to help keep your Newport Beach home or business beautiful!

Why Newport Beach Stucco Contractors?

We thrive on our clients many referrals and seek to provide only the FINEST Stucco Siding Solutions available in the industry. Newport Beach Stucco Services are second to none.

WE BELIEVE LOCAL IS BEST! We support local Stucco craftsmen of Newport Beach because we believe in partnering with local business. Newport Beach thrives on the growth and expansion of neighborhood companies, and believes in our Stucco Services. Our experienced team managers are ready to extend advice to our skilled contractors should unexpected issues arise. We stand by our belief that the highest quality Stucco application is performed by the finest Stucco contractors. Our employees are family, and there is no replacement for loyalty. We know our stucco teams are our biggest asset.

EVERY PROJECT, ANY SIZE! Most Stucco Siding Installations and Repairs are best handled by professionals, but not all of our competitors are willing to take on the smaller, less profitable jobs. We often receive calls from future clients, desperate to have skilled contractors provide estimates and restoration for less extensive repairs. WE also receive calls from DIY Stucco homeowners, urgently needing contractors with experience to take over what seemed like a weekend warrior stucco job.
Newport Beach Stucco stays o top of shifting trends in the stucco market, as well as manufacturing updates. We make it our number one goal to provide our clients with top notch Stucco work, and explain everything, allowing our clients to know their options. We will guide you through paperwork filing and any required HOA or county paperwork, navigating the system with you. When you rely on Newport Beach Stucco, you are guaranteed a professional Stucco company, committed to your Stucco project from inception through completion, and beyond.
SOCAL STUCCO EXPERTS! Newport Beach Stucco Contractors sets the bar very high. Each and every one of our skilled contractors has years of experience and training behind them. We stay ahead of changes and industry shifts, making Newport Beach Stucco the Finest Choice for all home and business Stucco Repair and Restoration. Because we only deal with stucco, we are craftsmen in the trade. We are not plumbers or roofers working side jobs.

We are THE finest Stucco company with the finest contractors in the whole of Southern California. Newport Beach Stucco knows your are investing in the long term beauty and longevity of your properties.

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We purchased a new home in downtown New Port Beach and needed to update the stucco around the garage. The work was done quickly… we are happy with final result.”
Graham Smith

Newport Beach Home Owner

We called New Port Beach Stucco last year to fix our peeling stucco siding and replace some wood boards along the roof line. They gave us a free quote and everything in writing. We are pleased with the final job.”
Peter Jackson Sr.

Newport Beach Homeowner